Monday, April 25, 2011

Sampei Bila Mek Rah Sitok

It's been 19 years, since it began. Today, everything will about to come to its end...


It's quite sad, to finish what I've started all these 19 years of works. Everyone has their own stories, including me. Yeah, I still remember the days when I was five, playing hopscotch with my sisters, galah panjang with my mengaji friends at my kampong's surau and to lose my songkok in the evening when my sister and I walked to home from the surau. It happened when I was eleven. The memories live beneath this heart; none are buried, but always be cherished, forever.

Kindergarten, year 1993. Tabika Kampung Pangkalan Kuap, my first school. I had my record in this kindergarten. Always being late to school, improper dress; I hate to wear school uniform. Being a kindergarten pupil, a pair of school shoes was not a necessary. Everyone wore slippers. Late as usual, I put my slippers outside the classroom. They were L.O.S.T.! (T_T)

When I was in Primary 5, my school; Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Muara Tuang, accepted a new headmaster. He happened to be my mum's cousin. One day, he walked into my classroom during English lesson, taught by Puan Zuraini, a Selangorean teacher. He said something to Puan Zuraini.

"May I know who Zizi is?" He asked to everyone.

I raised up my hand.

"Ouh. You. Puan Zuriani, this is my nephew. Never seen him in years! Please take care of him and Zizi, tell your mum, I'll come over to your house. Perhaps, next weekend."

Naturally, the whole school knew the story. So, everyone in the school knew me and my sister. She was seven. What a coincident, since no teacher dared to rotan me! Ha-ha. Well, I was a favourite student to receive denda from the teachers especially when I was in Primary 1 until 5. No denda no me. Say, I was among on the top of the ranking to receive denda from the teachers. Ketuk ketampi for not having a drawing paper, standing outside the classroom as a denda for forgetting my books, cleaning the school ground from rubbish; I hate Music lessons and the laziness to bring my recorder and standing at the school field when I made noise in the class. Ha-ha.

Before that, when I was in Primary 4, I got a denda, standing in front of the blackboard since I failed to memorize Sifir 7! Yeehaw... It was my primary school days.

2000 minus 1987 equals to 13. Yeay, I'm thirteen years old now! Introducing, my new school: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sungai Tapang!

I still remember when I get caught in the rain while waiting for bus after school. Wet! Luckily, it was Friday, the last day of school, before two weeks of Chinese New Year school holidays. Wow, I hardly believed it was eleven years ago. Ha-ha. I'm a big boy now :P.

When I was a student in this school, there were numbers of things that I missed a lot; my friends, teachers and the environment. Memories refresh inside my head as I come back to this 1981's school and yeah, I still can't believed that I'm 24! Ha-ha... It's just like yesterday when I turned 13.

When I was in form 3, unexpectedly, I won the 3rd prize in Bahasa Malaysia's poem writings. For God sake I was a suck that I forgot to tie up my shoelace when I came up to the stage to receive the prize from our Penolong Kanan Ikthisas. Weee...

Then, in form 5, everyone wish me a happy birthday. Being an anonymous and not popular student, since I'm not an athlete, a smart student nor a hot guy, I didn't know how people knew the date, including the juniors. What can I say; I love my school's friends!

The next destination of my academia institution was Labuan Matriculation College. Ha-ha. Being a 'Labuanite' student who lives away from family, I learned how to iron my formal shirts and pants. I really didn't have the idea how to iron all my formals since my sisters helped me to do them. One day, on Friday morning, the last day of the first semester examination week, I blew up myself an iron on my bare hand. Urgh... The whole hostel block went blackout. Err... Hey fellas, sorry... hehe. Luckily, I didn't hurt my hand.

KML has taught me a real life as a student. A year as a matriculation-born student, I lived myself better, away from my families, which really gave a clueless me of an idea on an independent teen life.

'To be or not to be'; Hamlet by Shakespeare. Well, it's Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2011. It's this year that's going to be. It feels like yesterday I registered myself as a college student. Not much memory created, but they all filled up my life here. I lived my life as a student, just like my friends, we went to kedai mamak at 1 a.m for roti canai and teh tarik, went for some movies at the Giant MBO's cinemas, mountains climbing in Kelantan, Johore and Negri Sembilan, listened to our lecturers' explanations in the class, the lab works and bla bla bla...

Well, I admit that I'm crazy and lazy. But it's so amazing that I went to the Perpustakaan Sultanah Zanariah by walking every day, from 8 a.m until 10 p.m, doing my works and studied. Maybe, some mambangs has exorcised me! So please, beware...

Together my friends and I laughed, we cried, sharing problems, good Lord, they're my best pals forever!


And now, I'm waiting for the boarding call, my last and final flight. Argh... I wish I can tell the world how I'm going to miss this place, my life and my friends. It's a great honour to be a guest and I'm proud to be a part of this land. Anyway, thanks...everyone :) See you again, soon!


ZWAN SABRI said...

Akhirnya, dapat jugak diri ini mengomen kat dalam blog ni.. HAHA..
btw, kesian kat dia sebab selalu kena denda.. tapi xpa, denda2 tu sumala yg membuatkan org tu jadi orang yang berjaya skang.. ;)

Yumida said...

org madah bersakit2 dolok..bergoyang kaki kemudian ari..nang adat la ya

salam ziarah sitok..mek follower ke 147